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Just Passing Through……

It can be difficult to distinguish between a relapse and transient symptoms. Are the symptoms a relapse, or just passing through?

Transient symptoms are short lived symptoms which appear as a result of an exacerbation caused by heat, infection, stress, or any other trigger which aggravates your MS symptoms. These symptoms can be heightened ‘normal’ symptoms which you experience daily, or new symptoms. Transient symptoms pass soon after the trigger is removed.

A relapse, on the other hand, is defined as: “the sudden onset of new MS symptoms, or the reccurrence of old MS symptoms, which last for more than 24 hours”.

After removing any triggers, or adjusting them, such as heat, it’s only time that’ll tell the difference between transient symptoms and a relapse.  If the symptoms remain for more than 24 hours, it’s best to phone your MS nurse, as it may be a simple urinary tract infection causing the exacerbation in symptoms, or similarly, it could be a relapse.

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