Me, My MS and I


My posts may have been a little downbeat of late, but I’m still keeping my positive head on and fighting this relapse as much as I can. This blog does become a sounding board for my thoughts and feelings at times, but I try to keep it as honest and true to how I’m feeling as possible to properly convey the ‘journey’ I’m travelling.

Relapse has gotten even worse today and the steroids are playing havoc, but hopefully they’ll help in a couple of days. Last dose tomorrow and then back onto the the LDN Sunday evening. Can’t wait! I’m so excited about the potential of LDN and hopefully I’ll be able to take a sustained course without any more meds getting in the way (grrrrr). Temperature is a little raised but not quite a fever, so hopefully no infection and I’ll be picking up in a couple of days. Think my thermometer will be seeing some action in the next couple of days! Muscle spasms and nerve pain were hellish last night and today, but the TENS machine helps with the leg spasms. The ‘band’ / ‘hug’ is back with a vengeance too.

All the relapse nonsense aside, I’m reminding myself this is but a temporary situation – I don’t know how long it’ll last, but it will pass. I’m still working, but it’s one helluva struggle and getting harder every day. However, it keeps me going and stops me moping around in the house and feeling sorry for myself. Fighting my MS and keeping positive will hopefully help.

Just a quick post as I’m off to curl up in my PJs with my duvet and have a nice relaxing evening.

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