Me, My MS and I

Still suffering from a chest infection and not sleeping much as I cough when I lie down so doing a rather impressive impersonation of an insomniac! Relapse is still in full force too. Unfortunately also still off work at the mo as I’m too sick to go in. Starting to climb the walls! Keeping positive though. Quick post tonight as I’m very tired, but wanted to write about a new site I found recently through Twitter for people who have MS and an event I’m arranging – is a community for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Users can share, support and interact with each other throughout the site. I’ve found it great so far and am planning to get sticking my stickers shortly and taking pics (go to the website to find out what that is ; ) ) You can follow them on Twitter @shiftms event – Glasgow Thursday 3rd December

Muggins here has decided to arrange the Glasgow event where we MSers can meet, have a few drinks, some fun and great banter and find the daftest places to stick stickers and snap them. I haven’t decided on the venue yet, but it’ll be wheelchair accessible and serve booze and soft drinks! I’m looking at a time in the early evening probably as I’ll be at work during the day and don’t have any leave left until next year. If you want to come along, drop me a line in the comments section or @ me on Twitter @tartan_miss. Or even better, join the website, create a profile and message me on there!! It’s a great way to get out, meet new people, have some fun and share experiences.

There don’t seem to be a lot of profiles in the Glasgow area at the moment, so the more that are added, the better!

If you’re not from near Glasgow, you could arrange your own event, and there are already some planned in Leeds and Newcastle.

Some good MS / LDN related people to follow on Twitter (yes, it’s confirmed – I’m a Twitter geek!) : georgejelinek, aniaArt, MSViews_andNews, LD_Naltrexone, LDNRTrust, mssocietyuk, jsmackenzie, MSRC, Squiffy2, LisaEmrich, gotbrain and AnnPietrangelo.

Something to make you giggle: 10 ways to annoy your doctor –

Still taking my LDN nightly too! Very excited about the potential it has : )


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