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Barts and The London MS Research Day 2010

Many thanks to Dr Lindsay A Keith (@OpheliaBottom) for bringing this series of fabulous videos to my attention on Twitter. I’ve spent some time watching the videos and felt it was only right that I shamelessly spread the word on my blog and Twitter! Please feel free to do the same, as the wider the audience this information reaches, the better.

The Neurology Department at Barts and the Royal London Hospital presented their research findings to clinicians, scientists, researchers, MSers and their families on 31st January 2010 and the presentations are shown on Dr Keith’s YouTube channel:Β The clips are succinct and packed full of information useful to both newly diagnosed MSers and those of us who have been diagnosed for some time, and are well worth watching.

To many MSers, it feels as though MS is very much a ‘forgotten’ disease. Having watched this series of videos from the Barts and London MS Research Day 2010, it has reaffirmed my view that many gifted, intelligent and passionate people are attempting to understand and fight MS. Knowledge is empowerment, and without it we cannot begin to understand or fight MS. To know your MonSter is to fight it. The people behind the research and knowledge presented at the Barts and London MS Research Day 2010 deserve a huge thank you.

I found Rachel Farrell’s presentations on Neutralising Antibodies and Interferon, and how the research is being used to benefit patients in the clinic, of particular interest.

There are also a couple of videos on CCSVI, showing a presentation by Klaus Schmierer, which are extremely interesting and more than worth a look, regardless of your position on CCSVI.

Also of note is a presentation by Alison Thomson detailing how she aims to engage MSers with MS research through the medium of art: I’m extremely passionate about all MSers being able to access and understand MS research at all levels, and I feel Alison’s method and ideas are extremely exciting and conducive to engaging MSers with MS research.


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