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MS Week 2011

Time flies, and MS Awareness Week has rolled round again! This week sees many things going on in support of MS Week. MS is in many ways a silent disease with hidden symptoms that aren’t always outwardly apparent, such as pain and fatigue. As a result, many people who aren’t affected by MS in one way or another don’t know terribly much about it. MS Week and World MS Day are our chances to raise awareness of MS and spread information.

World MS Day falls in the middle of MS Week, on Wednesday 25 May. You can sign the 2011 campaign for access to appropriate work petition here.

What’s happening during MS Week?

Putting MS On The Map

The MS Society UK has launched the MS Register – “This globally unique research tool is the world’s first, for any condition, to combine anonymous and confidential information from patients, with clinical data and routine NHS information. The MS Register could have a profound effect, and transform the delivery of care and services for people with MS.” You can find out more about the MS Register and join online, helping to put MS on the map.

There are also Map MS roadshows planned, and it’s not too late to get involved in a Cake Break and raise money in a yum way! Get involved

Be Bold In Blue

The MS Trust has lots planned for MS Week – you can find out more here. Their Be Bold In Blue fundraising event on the 27th May is a great way to get involved and raise money in a fun way, such as a cake sale, or a blue themed quiz night.

Go Green

Go Green for the MSRC and let people know what you live for, and that life is for living! There are also scheduled chat room sessions being held on the MSRC website.

It’s great to know that so much is being done to raise awareness of MS, especially as it’s the most common disabling neurological condition affecting young adults in the UK – a stat that’s very close to my heart as I’m only 24 and often meet with exclamations of surprise that I have MS at my age (and have had for several years). The more people that know about MS and understand it, the better it is for everyone as it removes the mystery and fear factor.

Many of the activities are fun and easy to get involved in. You don’t have to have MS to participate, either. Go ahead and get involved! : )

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