Me, My MS and I

Ding Ding! Round 2

I’ve been rather neglectful of my blog of late, but unfortunately my MS has been unrelenting. Tweeting is about my limit at the moment. I was at the hospital for an appointment with my MS specialist yesterday and he feels I’d benefit from a second course of steroids for this relapse – IV this time. The course starts next Tuesday and finishes on the Thursday. Although I’m lucky enough to be attending as an outpatient, it means the last dose will be on hogmanay. There go my new year celebrations! hehe. Hopefully this time the steroids help to control my relapse.

A quick update on my LDN usage: I’m up to 2mg per day, but will have to stop it to take the steroids, then back on again. I still think my relapse is in too full a swing currently for any benefits of LDN to be felt, but hopefully as the symptoms improve and the dose increases, I’ll be seeing the benefits : ) I experienced no problems increasing the dose from 1mg per day to 2mg, although some people do find there is an adjustment period.

I have a great series of posts in the pipeline and they’ll be appearing very soon. More info to follow! Keep your eyes peeled!

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Is Coming!

Every year I spend hours wrapping the presents I’ve bought for family and friends etc, tying bows on them and making them very pretty. I’ve noticed over the past couple of years it takes me longer to wrap them as my hands don’t co-operate quite as well as they used to. So I just start earlier! This is a good thing in many ways, as I can be rather disorgnised when it comes to christmas and in past years have been running around shops on the 23rd buying presents.

This year, I can’t carry many shopping bags or any for a long period due to hand tremors, so I’ve decided to do most of my christmas shopping online. It’s much easier than battling through the shops, and because I have to start wrapping earlier, I’m almost completely organised with buying my presents already! That’s a first for me. It doesn’t spoil the festive feeling either I don’t think – it’s just a different way of shopping, and I can do it in the comfort of my own home with a hot chocolate without all the hassle of people pushing me out of the way or trying to carry bags. When the parcels are delivered, it’s fun and almost like opening christmas presents!

I decided to sew this robin for my gran as part of her christmas as she loves robins. Took me a helluva long time, but I’m rather pleased with it and it kicks off the festive tone.
Think I’m going to buy my christmas cards from one of the MS charities this year, as all the profits go towards the charity. I’ve added the links to some of the online christmas card shops from the charities below:

The MS Trust:
The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre:
The Multiple Sclerosis Society:

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