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Vicar of Baghdad

The Vicar of Baghdad was recently given to me to read, and I found it an inspirational story. Reverend Canon Andrew White has been called ‘Vicar of Baghdad as he presides over the sole Anglican church in Iraq. He also has MS. The book wasn’t given to me for that reason though; it was given to me as it’s a book which restores faith in humanity. There are still some good, decent people in this world.

MS is mentioned in passing a couple of times in the book, but no more. The book is written by Reverend Canon White himself, and details his perseverance with peace efforts in the middle east and the many other causes he immerses himself in. It is clear Reverend Canon White is a wonderful man, does amazing work, and is very selfless. The book is incredibly uplifting, and although I’m not a religious person, I found Reverend Canon White’s story incredibly inspiring for who he is as a person. I take heart in the fact that he is lauded as a wonderful person, and that alone, and not a wonderful person with MS that does amazing things despite his illness. He deserves the credit to himself, not shared with a disease which just so happens to share his body.

Just because we have MS, should we achieve any less?? It may be more difficult at times, and some ingenuity must be called into play in order to achieve what we want, sometimes using a different route, but we are fabulous people. MS doesn’t *have* to be linked to everything we do, achieve, or are – it’s only a passenger in our bodies. MS may have allowed us to discover exactly how strong, ingenious and determined we are, but those qualities were already there within us: MS just helped us to discover to exactly what extent.

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