Me, My MS and I

Keeping Up With MS Research

After a fabulous christmas (presents galore and wonderful food!) it’s back to blogging as usual. Although my relapse is still in full swing, I’m going to make more of an effort to post more frequently again on here. The IV steroids I was due to receive next week have been put off until after my urinary tract infection has cleared up. Not a terribly happy bunny about either!

It can be very difficult to try and keep up to date with current MS research, so I’ve written an article detailing how I keep up with the latest developments. I tried to be as detailed as possible, and added all the sites I visit on a regular basis or subscribe to the RSS feeds of. Hope it helps! You can find my article at:

My new series of blog posts is almost finished and the roll out will start shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for them!

I hope you had a great christmas and have mountains of fun on hogmanay.


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  1. * Mike T from London says:

    Hope you had a great christmas and will have a wonderful new year.
    Mike x x

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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