Me, My MS and I

Bionic Woman

Was at the specialist today and he’s confirmed what I fearded – I’m currently having a relapse. It started a few days ago in earnest I think, before my LDN consultation and starting LDN, but I was hoping it was just a few ‘bad days’. In hindsight (20:20 as always) I think that was wishful thinking. Walking has been pretty bad today and having trouble lifting my left foot off of the ground when walking and as a result my toes have been dragging. The physio gave me a great electric muscle stimulator to help with this – two electrodes attached to different points on my leg and a pressure switch under my heel meaning and as soon as I lift my heel off the floor the little box I wear round my waist gives my nerves a little ‘shock’ which stimulates them and moves my foot and my toes come off the ground. It’s a very strange sensation to get used to and not the most comfortable (although not painful) and it’s bizarre having something else control my foot, but it’s helped my walking a lot today. Hopefully I won’t need it for too long. Although it is rather cool and makes me feel a little like the bionic woman. Again, childish as usual ; )

Had to get my blood taken again today unfortunately. Grrrrr. Perhaps my new Twitter name should be pincushion instead of miss! On the plus side, when I was weighed, I’d lost over half a stone since I last weighed myself a month or so ago. Quite a few people have commented on it lately but I didn’t think I’d lost that much.

There was talk of putting me on steroids next week when blood and urine tests come back to help with the relapse as I’m finding walking difficult and I’m worried my legs will buckle underneath me or I’ll fall. Needing the loo every 20 minutes and bad legs don’t provide for a terribly fun day. I’ve also been advised to start DMT (disease modifying treatment) as the number of relapses and frequency now suggest my MS has reached the stage where it requires this. Everyone has their own opinions on drugs and treatements, but for me personally I have LDN and its possibilities and feel Copaxone may complement it, but will speak to Dr T before going ahead. I’ve ruled out the interferons as the side effect lists put me off completely and I don’t feel they’re the best way to treat MS.

Not feeling terribly wonderful today so a short post, of which you’re no doubt thankful. LDN dose again tonight 🙂 Will keep you posted.

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