Me, My MS and I

Tai Chi

Went to my first tai chi class tonight. Was a bit apprehensive, what with the reduced mobility, poor balance and stiff legs at the moment, but it was surprisingly easy and relaxing. The movements are gentle and flow easily, with your mind concentrating on that and nothing else. I felt myself relaxing very quickly and forgetting about my MS, and let’s face it – a highly strung gal like me needs to learn how to relax! I’ll definitely be doing this every morning to relieve the stiffness when I get up (my own special little version of whole body morning glory!) The muscle spasticity in my neck, jaw and shoulders has eased a bit too. Here’s hoping my memory copes with the week between lessons! The instructor and all the people there were very nice too. Met a lady who’d recovered from cancer, so it’s worth remembering there are people worse off than me too.

A little bit of zen in the life can only be a good thing 🙂

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